Meraki is your escape from your busy and sometimes hectic world. We are passionate about what we do.  The team at Meraki takes pride in exceeding our guests’ expectations each and every time they step foot into our salon. 

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In Springfield, IL


[n.] [may-rah-kee]

The soul, creativity or love put into something; the essence of yourself that you put into your work.

Our deep passion for hair and beauty, combined with our unique creativity keeps us on the cutting edge of the industry.

Meet the Founder

Meraki, has been in the works since I have been a little girl. Ever since I was able to walk I spent every moment that I could in my Mom’s salon. Growing up in the industry I knew I wanted to create a space where I could create the ultimate guest experience. That’s when Meraki Salon and Spa was born.

"I knew when choosing my salon name that I wanted it to mean something to me."

I knew it needed to be a word or phrase that really meant something to me or spoke to me about my career and passion. The word, “Meraki” and the meaning instantly gave me the “butterflies in my stomach”’ feeling and I knew that was it. Without a doubt, Meraki was the name of my salon.

Jacqueline Goleash
Owner + Founder

Meraki Salon

Welcome to your therapy session.. I mean your hair appointment. 

The salon offers a full range of hair services from hair cuts & styling, hair color to hair extensions.

Meraki Spa

All of our skin care specialists are licensed and certified to provide you with outstanding services that are results-driven.





DiamondGlow™ is a highly effective, non-invasive, zero downtime, resurfacing facial treatment.

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At Meraki Salon & Spa, we carry results-driven high-quality hair and skincare products for you to take home to conserve the integrity of your treatment at the salon or spa. Quality products are a form of self-care to prioritize the ingredients you put on your body. 


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