All of our facials are customized to meet your individual needs. We incorporate Eminence 100% organic products, extractions, peels, and a Hungarian upper body massage.

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Meet Our Estheticians


Andrea Bradley

Licensed Esthetician


Rachel Simes

Licensed Esthetician


Eminence Custom Facial 

A custom facial to target your individual skincare needs. This facial begins with a personal evaluation followed by a deep cleanse and exfoliating process. A customized combination of masques work to balance out the skin and put moisture back into the barriers. Our custom Eminence facial leaves your skin feeling firmer, fresher, and radiant.


Eminence Detox Facial 

A deep cleansing and stimulating facial that allows for optimal circulation and detox of the skin. Eminence herbs and spices are used to invigorate and rejuvenate, while lavender and honey work to calm and restore. The perfect facial to give your skin a "fresh start".


 Eminence Back Facial 

A custom back facial to target your individual skincare needs. This back facial begins with a personal evaluation followed by a deep cleanse and exfoliating process. A customized combination of masques work to balance out the skin and put moisture back into the barriers. This treatment is also great for someone that has trouble with acne. 



Facial Services


Ultra Calming Facial

Bring relief and lasting visual results to ultra-sensitive, irritated skin. This healing and hydrating treatment uses cooling facial globes to calm the most sensitive skin. 


Purifying Acne Facial

The perfect facial for oily and acne prone skin. Deep pore cleansing, extractions,
purifying mask, and high frequency. 


Anti Aging Firming Facial

More than a facial, this experience is designed to optimize the skin’s natural regenerative process. Your skin will have an instant youthful glow. Start with a hydrating and purifying mask. Next, a radiant neck and decollete treatment. A relaxing facial massage stimulates circulation and collagen.


Brightening Facial

The Skin Brightening Facial Treatment naturally brightens the complexion of the guest, providing a clear, radiant glow.  This service creates a fresher, healthier appearance by exfoliating dull surface cells, helping to minimize the appearance of dark circles and sun spots.  The active ingredients in the products used will help treat and prevent cellular discoloration for an even complexion of all skin tones.



Clear clogged pores and congested skin with a quick extraction service.  A deep cleanse, exfoliation, and proper pore care will have you on your way to smooth, glowing skin.



Gentle scraping of the facial skin to carefully remove dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz) which rejuvenates the skin. The service minimizes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars, while leaving the skin smooth, supple and vibrant.


Peels & Add On Services

Arctic Berry Pro Peel $65 alone/$40 add on 

This peel is great for all skin types especially aging skin. Not good on acne areas.

The functions of this peel:
- Deeply exfoliates skin
- Refines and evens skin tone and assists with hyper-pigmentation
- Very strong antioxidant and age-defying benefits
- Reduces inflammation and redness

• Skin is dramatically refined and smoothed, hyperpigmentation is reduced
• Collagen formation is boosted and skin is firmed and plumped 
• Less inflammation and less redness

Blueberry Detox Firming Peel $40 alone/$25 add on

The blueberry detox firming peel is a naturally exfoliating AHA Pro Peel. It refines and clarifies skin, minimizes and clears clogged pores, removes dead skin allowing for easier penetration to the skin of other products for better results and detoxifies skin. The results you're left with are reduced pores, your skin is left refined, purified, clear and radiant . You're skin is also immediately stimulated resulting in a rosy glow and more youthful look. 

Pro Salicylic Acid Peel $65 alone/$40 add on

The pro salicylic acid peel is great for all skin types and has many benefits! Read below:

- Encapsulated Salicylic Acid: beta-hydroxy-acid, delivers time-release protection against acne breakouts by encouraging exfoliation and unclogging pores
- Papaya Fruit Extract: exfoliates to reduce surface imperfections without irritation, softens skin and
evens skin tone, refines complexion and brightens skin for new luminosity and visibly improved overall appearance of skin
- Grape Seed Extract: emollient; rejuvenating agent; potent antioxidant; reduces free radical damage and promotes wound healing
- Chamomile Extract: revitalizing, regenerating; calms and balances the skin

The results are endless and include:

• Improves the appearance of acne breakouts
• Impurities and blockages are removed
• Results without irritation
• The complexion is immediately clearer and smoother, and pores are visibly minimized


Lip Treatment $10

This treatment starts with a gentle exfoliation process to remove dead and dry skin from your lips followed by a moisturizing masque that will penetrate deeply leaving you with soft, plump lips.

Smoothing Eye Treatment $35

This anti aging, smoothing eye treatment will awaken tired eyes leaving you looking refreshed. A relaxing massage for the eye area is included to rid all impurities from your under eye area to plump and revitalize your skin. 


Brow    $17

Lip    $12

Chin    $12

Nose    $15

Ear    $15

Full Face    $45

Hair Line    $12

Hands    $12

Feet    $15

Underarm    $20

Bikini    $45

Brazilian    $75

Full Removal    $90

Half Arm    $25

Full Arm    $40

Half Leg    $45

Full Leg    $65

Chest    $55

Half Back    $40

Full Back    $55

Extra Spa Services

Brow Tint    $15

Eyelash Tint    $15

Eyelash Lift    $70

Eyelash Lift & Tint    $80

Eyelash Extensions    $120

Eyelash Extension Fill    $75