Hair Extensions For Volume

Many of the trending hairstyles for 2023 are great if you have thick hair.

Bobs and shags and other 70’s retro styles (think Farrah Fawcett) seem to require thick hair, to begin with.  

It’s 2023, and women with thin hair can wear the latest hair trends, too.


Hair extensions are your answer.

Meraki uses our own high-quality SS extensions installed using the SKW Hidden Beaded Row method as well as the SKW platform method.

Considered some of the safest installation methods for thin hair. They are also incredibly comfortable.

Give us a few hours and we can add anything from a few pieces to multiple wefts to create the look you are dreaming of. 

Our extensions are completely customizable.

We can match your color, or go with a variety of shades to create something uniquely you.

Book a consultation today. Bring your ideas and images and we will show you the options the hair extensions offer you in a flash. 

Our hair extension consultation is free – unless you don’t show, then there is a $40 charge.